• What is included in the #RFVirtual Convention Pass?

    Your #RFVirtual Convention Pass includes:

    • A special introductory price on EACH of the top two Convention-only product offers, equaling $50 USD or more in savings!*
    • A virtual front-row seat to all Mainstage announcements and dozens of impactful Breakout Sessions
    • Exclusive Convention content including the #RFVirtual Daily Shows, behind-the scenes moments, exclusive interviews and more
    • Opportunities to connect with the R+F community over live chat
    • Access to purchase Convention-exclusive R+F merchandise
    • Full access to the R+F Virtual platform between time of pass purchase through 30 days after Convention (for Consultants who are not already PULSE Pro subscribers)*

    *The #RFVirtual Convention Pass is a separate registration fee for all, excluding onsite attendees. (Onsite attendees receive #RFVirtual Convention Pass access and perks with their onsite ticket.) Those who are non-PULSE Pro subscribers and purchase a pass will also receive full access to R+F Virtual until Tues., Oct. 22 at 11:59 p.m. PT. The limited-time, promotional offer of $50 USD off each of the top two Convention-only product offers will be available for all onsite and R+F Virtual Convention attendees through Sat., Sept. 21 at 11:59 p.m. PT, while supplies last.

  • When can I buy the #RFVirtual Convention Pass?

    #RFVirtual Convention Passes are available to purchase on Monday, July 15th, 2019.

  • Where can I buy the #RFVirtual Convention Pass?

    Visit the Convention 2019 page on #RFVirtual by clicking here.

  • What is the #RFVirtual Convention Pass refund and cancellation policy?

    The registration fee for #RFVirtual Convention Pass is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • What are the specifics of the $50 USD Product Offer Savings?

    Both onsite attendees and #RFVirtual Convention Pass holders will have access to a special introductory price on each of the top two Convention-only offers. This price is $50 USD off (67 CAD/ 79 AUD) Sunday’s prices with no purchase limit for product purchased through R+F Virtual or product shipped home for those onsite! The offer will be available through Saturday, Sept. 21 at 11:59 p.m. PT, only while supplies last.

  • Does my PULSE Pro subscription already include a #RFVirtual Convention Pass?

    No. PULSE Pro subscribers need to purchase a #RFVirtual Convention Pass in order to participate in #RFVirtual Convention and take advantage of #RFVirtual Convention Pass perks, including access to all Mainstage moments, learning content, exclusive product offers, and more.

  • Does my Onsite Convention Ticket include a #RFVirtual Convention Pass?

    Yes. For Consultants attending Convention onsite in Nashville, your Convention ticket includes #RFVirtual Convention access and all perks listed above. If you have an onsite ticket, your R+F Virtual full platform access is officially active! Log in now and explore all #RFVirtual has to offer.

  • Do I need to be a PULSE Pro subscriber in order to purchase a #RFVirtual Convention Pass?

    No. You do not need a PULSE Pro subscription in order to purchase a #RFVirtual Convention Pass. For those who are not PULSE Pro subscribers, the #RFVirtual Convention Pass includes full access to the R+F Virtual platform from the time of pass purchase through October 22, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. PT. That includes access to exclusive learning content, product training videos, prospecting tools, and the ability to create and host live broadcast events for Level V and above Consultants.

  • Do I need to have a #RFVirtual Convention Pass to purchase the Convention-only product offers?

    Yes, an #RFVirtual Convention Pass is required to purchase Convention-only product offers.

  • As an #RFVirtual Convention Pass holder who is not a PULSE Pro subscriber, how long does my extended R+F Virtual platform access last?

    For those who are not PULSE Pro subscribers, the #RFVirtual Convention Pass includes full access to the R+F Virtual platform from the time of pass purchase through October 22, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

  • How can I access on-demand Convention content after October 22, 2019?

    After October 22, 2019, make sure you are subscribed to PULSE Pro in order to continue accessing the full #RFVirtual platform, including all Convention content.

  • How is #RFVirtual Convention different than R+F Convention 2019 in Nashville?

    #RFVirtual is perfect for Consultants who are unable to join us onsite for R+F Convention 2019 in Nashville. It’s our best online platform ever, an engaging social, learning and purchasing tool for Consultants worldwide. Access Convention-exclusive product offerings, watch General Sessions and select Breakout Session content, exclusive interviews and much more, all while working from the comfort of home – or anywhere! – in real time.

  • When will I know the agenda schedule for #RFVirtual Convention 2019?

    The agenda will be available in late August.

  • Who is eligible to access R+F Virtual?

    All PULSE Pro subscribers have full access to the R+F Virtual platform, including the prospecting tool, the new Consultant learning experience and the ability to attend and invite guests to live broadcast events. Level V and above Consultants have access to create and host live broadcast events.

  • A newly enrolled Consultant on my team wants to access R+F Virtual, when will she/he be able to log in?

    All Consultants have access to the new Consultant learning experience on R+F Virtual and will receive an email within 72 hours after they've enrolled. This email will contain quick access to log in to Virtual, along with information about their login credentials.

  • What are my login credentials for R+F Virtual?

    Use your PULSE login credentials to log in to R+F Virtual.

  • Is it okay to share my login and password?

    No, you cannot share your login credentials. R+F Virtual login credentials can only be used on one device at a time.

  • Can I access R+F Virtual on my mobile device?

    Yes! The R+F Virtual experience has been fully optimized for mobile viewing so you can engage on the go! Full access to R+F Virtual is available via all smartphones, tablets, and browsers.

  • What browser is recommended for viewing R+F Virtual?

    We recommend using Google Chrome to access the Virtual Platform. 

  • Can I watch R+F Virtual on my television?

    Yes! R+F Virtual is fully optimized for viewing parties with your team members! Here's how to set it up:
    If you have a Smart TV, you can go to a web browser and open the R+F Virtual website.
    If you use Apple TV, Chromecast or other device that will allow you to mirror your computer, mobile or tablet device to the TV, you can go to the R+F Virtual website on your computer and mirror that to your television.
    You can plug your computer or other device into the TV using an HDMI or VGA cord or other appropriate cable.
    For further information, you can see details here.

  • Is closed captioning available on R+F Virtual?

    Yes! To enable closed captioning, hover over the livestream video to see video controls appear. Select the icon labeled with CC. To remove closed captioning, re-tap on the same icon.

  • How strong does my internet connection need to be to view R+F Virtual?

    Due to the high-quality nature of the broadcast, a poor data connection could cause viewing challenges. Ensure you are connected to a strong Wi-Fi network for the best viewing experience. Here are a couple more tips that may help:

    If others in your household are streaming video, Netflix, HBO, etc. it will negatively affect the quality of the R+F Virtual video stream.

    If you’re having a viewing party, stream the show on one device as a group and be sure to close the video window on your personal device so you can focus on chat, shopping and more.

  • I just enrolled as a Consultant but am unable to log in to R+F Virtual.

    Please allow up to 24 hours for our system to process your registration. Once you have been added to the R+F Virtual platform, an email will be sent to you with login instructions.

  • I am unable to play a video.

    Video content is accessible via smartphone mobile devices (iOS/Android smartphones and tablets) and desktop computers (Mac/PC). On a computer, be sure to use the most updated version of your browser (we recommend Google Chrome, but you may have luck with Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer or Safari as well). If you are still unable to play a video, check your Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection. Streaming videos require fast and reliable internet access.

  • Why does the platform log me out of my current session?

    Consultant credentials can only be used on one device at a time. If you were signed out of your current session that means your credentials were used to sign on to another device. Sign out of the other device to continue your current session.

  • I get an error when trying to share a video to Facebook.

    -Log into your Facebook account in a separate web browser
    -Select the drop down arrow in the top right corner of Facebook and select Settings
    -Select Apps and Websites in the left side menu
    -Go to Apps, Websites and Games in the Preferences section and select Edit
    -Select Turn On
    -Return to the Virtual Platform, select the video you'd like to share
    -Confirm the message you'd like send with your video
    -Select Facebook to share your video

    Please note only registered subscribers will be able to view the shared content.

  • Learn more about the R+F Virtual platform features that address 3 key areas of your business:

    Prospecting: Sharing video content makes it easy for you to grow your business globally. Select compelling video content to share, add a personal touch with a customized message, and get insights to track your prospect’s activity and know when to follow up.

    New Consultants: The new Consultant learning experience ignites new consultants at the start of their Consultant journey. With a guided learning experience that sets Consultants up for success, they learn everything they need to know to launch their business.

    Live Broadcasts: The live broadcasting feature empowers Level V and above Leaders to host virtual events. Create an event and invite guests directly from your personal networks. Your custom live broadcast page allows guests to enroll and purchase products under the Consultant who invited them.

  • What is the prospecting tool?

    The R+F Virtual prospecting tool utilizes on demand video sharing to help you grow your team with the help of carefully-curated video content and provides prospect tracking to help drive faster enrollments. Address common prospect objections and questions about R+F with video content featuring R+F Consultants specifically created to help you build your business.

  • What kind of video content is available to share?

    We’ve curated a video library specifically designed for prospecting. This library features real, authentic (and compliant) Consultant and Customer stories, information about the business and content designed to address common objections and concerns.

  • Can I share my own videos using the prospecting tool?

    The video on demand library is exclusively for sharing content about the R+F business and its products with content carefully created and curated by the Home Office with your business in mind.

  • Since my prospects and Customers do not have access to R+F Virtual, how will they see the video content I share?

    When you share a video using the prospecting tool, your prospects and Customers will receive a link to access a customized version of your R+F Virtual profile, where they watch the video you shared, read your personalized message and shop products or enroll in the business through links to your Personal Website (PWS).

  • How will I use the prospecting tool to track my prospects' activity?

    The Prospect Tracker logs the activity of your prospects when you send them video content. Visit your Prospect Tracker in R+F Virtual at any time to review recent activity, edit contact information, and follow up.

  • Who has access to the prospecting tool?

    The prospecting tool is available to all Consultants with an active PULSE Pro subscription.

  • How do I access the prospecting tool?

    Select ‘Grow + Engage’ in the top navigation to access the prospecting tool. From there, us the drop-down filter to select the video content you’d like to share to help your prospects overcome their objections.

  • What is the new Consultant learning experience?

    The new Consultant learning experience provides guided learning with training videos, quizzes and action plans that focus on core business building behaviors and activities for new enrollees within their first 30 days.

  • Who has access to the new Consultant learning experience?

    All Consultants have free access to the new Consultant learning experience.

  • What kind of content is included in the new Consultant learning experience?

    The new Consultant learning experience includes four episodes of learning content in a digestible format that allows Consultants to learn at their own pace in the first 30 days.

  • How much time should a new Consultant expect to dedicate to the new Consultant learning experience?

    The new Consulting learning experience includes four 15-minute episodes with quizzes and action plans designed to take your learnings offline, giving you the tools to apply them to your new business. We highly recommend taking the full 30 days to complete the entire new Consulting learning experience, so you can process and retain the key takeaways from each episode and set yourself up for success.

  • How will this impact the role of the Sponsor in a new Consultant’s onboarding?

    As a Sponsor, we recommend taking 15 minutes each night to review the content your new Consultant will be trained on as part of their new Consultant learning. You’ll receive an email when your new Consultant has completed their learning experience. Until then, you should follow up with them directly to stay updated on their progress.

  • How do I access the new Consultant learning experience?

    Select ‘Learn’ in the top navigation bar to access the new Consultant learning experience. You can also visit https://virtual.rodanandfields.com/watch/nco

  • How will new Consultants know about R+F Virtual to access the new Consultant learning?

    All new Consultants will receive an email shortly after they enroll to notify them about their access to R+F Virtual, along with their login credentials and a link to get started.

  • What is the live broadcasting tool?

    The live broadcasting tool helps you harness the power of engagement by hosting and attending live virtual business events to support team building.

  • How is this different from a Facebook Live?

    While you can still use Facebook to spread the word about your virtual event, the live broadcasting tool is hosted entirely on R+F Virtual, giving you full control of who RSVPs and attends your live virtual events, and provides you with robust post-event prospect tracking so you can effectively tailor your follow-up with prospects.

  • Who has access to the live broadcasting tool?

    All Consultants can attend live events hosted through the live broadcasting tool; however, the R+F Virtual Live app to host virtual events is only available for Level V and above Consultants with an active PULSE Pro subscription.

  • I’m not a Level V Consultant. How does this impact me?

    As a Consultant who is not yet a Level V, you will not be able to host live virtual events through the R+F Virtual Live app, but you can still attend events and invite your own leads to an event that you've been invited to. If you’re a PULSE Pro subscriber, you have access to the Prospect Tracker to track your prospect’s activity.

  • How will guests who are not Consultants access live broadcast events?

    Guests who are not Consultants have access to live broadcast events when invited by a host via email or a direct link.

  • Can I promote live broadcast events using my own social media channels?

    As an event host, you can copy and share a link to your live broadcast event via social, email and SMS.

  • Is there a mobile app?

    The R+F Virtual Live app (available to download for Android and iOS devices) is accessible to Level V and above Consultants. Create, schedule, and host live business events, invite guests, track RSVPs and event engagement.

  • Will prospects be able to visit a web address rather than an app?

    Yes! Prospects do not need to have the R+F Virtual Live app in order to attend an event, they should click on the event link that you send them in order to access the event.

  • Are you able to toggle between presenters?

    At this time, we are not able to toggle between presenters, but we are logging the feedback and working on a way to allow you to do so in the future.

  • Is there a way to save a video recording more for than seven days?

    Due to compliance reasons, we are only able to store the recording for seven days.

  • If a guest doesn’t enter the Consultant's R+F email, how are they tracked?

    If a guest does not enter the Consultant's email that invited them, they will not be added to that Consultant's prospect tracker, which is why it's important to make sure your guest RSVPs for the event you've invited them to.

  • Do my downline Consultants have to be Virtual subscribers in order to invite guests to an event I am hosting?

    Level V and above Leaders have access to the live broadcasting tool and R+F Virtual Live app, which they use to create and host events. Level V and above Leaders can share an event link with their downline and their guests can send it to their prospects or guests. When your guest RSVPs for an event, they need to identify the Consultant that invited them to the event.

  • If I create and host a test event can I delete it immediately?

    Yes, you can delete your event immediately after it has been recorded. It's important to remember that no one will have access to your test events unless you share the event URL or invite someone to the event using the app.

  • Is there a Windows version of the R+F Virtual Live app?

    The R+F Virtual Live app is available for iOS, Mac OS, and Android devices. We don’t currently have a Windows version of the app.